© Phalene Fanciers 2001 - 2011 No photos or articles may be copied without written permission Phalene Fanciers of the World     This website is dedicated to the Phalene Fanciers from around the world who have worked     hard to bring back the Phalene. The Phalene is the drop-eared variety of the Papillon. The Phalene is actually the original variety of the Papillon. However for many years the Papillon held favor and but for a few breeders, this wonderful variety was almost lost. Ten years ago a small group formed to work together bring back the Phalene. Meeting once a year at the Papillon National Specialty in the United States, we worked through emails, the two Phalene email lists, a newsletter and cooperative breedings. We have progressed from a meeting of about eight people in a hotel hallway on a group of couches to now having a Phalene Match and Banquet to honor Phalenes and their owners. Our members are from many countries and with each year there is more interest in the Phalene. Phalenes are not the easiest to breed and it takes dedication and patience to persevere. Amid the flowers in the garden,  beautiful butterflies fly. Oft missed and less espied, enticing moths drift by. Clink on a picture to see it or the slideshow.